Often when couples decide to go their separate ways, the home they live in represents their largest asset, and often the biggest question about how to proceed. As an increasing number of our clients have been dealing with the dilemma of how to handle a co-owned home when getting a divorce or just splitting up from a partner, we are putting together resources to help this segment. For various reasons, many of our clients decide to sell the home, which is our strong point! But we also are always here to provide industry expertise and information to help you decide if selling is right in your circumstance. We understand that this is an emotional time. We have successfully helped many of our past clients navigate both the emotions and logistics to reach the best possible outcome for each of the parties involved.

To get an overview of the process for selling your home, or how to approach making that decision, reach out to set up a FREE, no obligation consultation. During the consultation you can get answers to your specific questions as well as:

Get Your Home’s Value.
Courts often require an appraisal (which costs $500-$1000 and doesn’t take into consideration competitive market factors or the nuances of your home that impact true market value) for determining value. We provide a FREE Comparative Market Analysis of your home, giving you a reasonable estimation of what your home will actually sell for to use in making any decisions.

-Understand the process related to selling and the decisions you must make along the way.

-Get recommendations on timing your moves and any updates to the property to minimize financial impact.

-Understand our marketing plan that will be customized to your home to ensure a broadest exposure to sell your home quickly, while maximizing your return on investment.

As you review your options, here are some online resources that may be helpful:

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Buying Your Partner Out, An Illustrated Overview
Why Refinance Versus Quitclaim
Can You Afford to Keep the House?

Divorce Testimonial:

“The Wethman Group made selling our home much easier during a difficult time in our lives. They seamlessly handled the communications and served as the voice of reason when we needed to hear it, while being sensitive to the circumstances. They provided great advice to help us get the property ready to sell within our budget. When negotiating the contract and home inspection, they worked with our sometimes differing perspectives to get to a win-win. We couldn’t have done it without them. Highly recommend this team!” – Danielle S.