First Time Home Buyers

Upcoming Class Schedule:

FREE IN-PERSON CLASS: Join us to learn over a drink or 2! Tuesday, May 1, 7-8:15pm at Reliable Tavern, 3655 Georgia Ave NW, DC


Equipping Home Buyers to Make Better Decisions

Interest rates are rising and inventory is near record lows. Is it still a good time to buy in the DC metro area? How do the new tax laws affect your decision? If you do decide to buy, how should you prepare for the Spring housing market?

We answer these questions and more in our First Time Home Buyer classes.

This home-buyer class is an educational session designed to give an overview of current market conditions and the home-buying process. It will cover a recap of the current market trends and stats, including days on market, average sales prices, and inventory levels. We’ll also provide tips and tricks for the entire process and the mechanics of the process, including timeline, working with an agent, contracts, due diligence, typical fees, and closing costs.

Specific topics covered:

– Overview of the Current Local Market
– Search Tips for Finding Your Home
– Short Sale and Foreclosure Basics
– Loan Types: FHA, Conventional, and “Jumbo”
– Calculating the Tax Benefits of Homeownership
– Deciding if Buying is Right for You
– Making an Offer
– Home Inspections and Other Due Diligence
– Mortgage Basics: Interest Rates, Points, Fees & Closing Costs
– Working with an Agent

We’re always happy to meet with buyers over coffee to give a quick, no-obligation overview if the class schedule does not fit your needs, just drop us a line!

We routinely teach groups from alumni associations to employees at lunch sessions organized by employers. If you have a group that would benefit from having us present, please contact us.