Kathy H. & Bryan W. – First Time Home Buyers

“We wanted to thank for your guidance and tremendous service during our condo buying process. Given the issues with FHA and our lender situation, this process had a lot more twists and turns than we ever imagined. But at the same time, we were reassured that your innovative solutions and attention to detail would get us through and it did!

Honestly, as we told you, before attending your home buying seminar and leveraging your expertise during our condo purchase, our opinion of realtors was not the highest. However, after working with you, that has changed. We really appreciated your vast array of knowledge as well as your super prompt response to what at times were our incessant questions….We had no idea how stressful this process could be and honestly, we could not have done this without you. Thanks Katie!”

— Kathy H. & Bryan W. - First Time Home Buyers